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SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price: $39.99

5 Review(s)

- Enhancements made for an even better listening experience: EQ for better sound control. Titanium alloy Memory flex neck strap. Upgraded speakers. Support Handsfree dialing e.g. Siri for iPhone.

- SwageU Bluetooth Headphones sports a clever design for exceptional comfort and listening.
- Premium comfort with lightweight and trouble-free, wearable design.
- Magnetic ear buds and careful headset design for easy wearing.
- Equipped with a Bluetooth V4.0 chipset.
- Built-in microphone for easy, hands-free communication.
- Multipoint HFP Connection to 2 Mobile Phones simultaneously.

- Weight: 41.3g
- Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty
- Compatibility: iPhone ®, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle, MacBooks and virtually any Bluetooth enabled device.
- Manual: Download SwageU Manual

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  • SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

    Extremely-Comfortable Product Design

    These high-performance wireless headphones are designed to be worn around the neck. What makes them stand out, though, is their extremely lightweight feel.

    Reliable wireless pairing provided by Bluetooth Version 4.0 technology, along with a built-in microphone for easy, hands-free communication. Perfect for safe driving!

    The SwageU wireless headphones also meet contemporary standards for mobile accessories, as they are available in stylish black and white color options.

  • High-Quality Performance

    Backed by crystal-clear audio, the SwageU headset adds great depth to any music or content to which one is listening. A built-in microphone allows for wireless communication with family, friends, or co-workers.

    Users can effortlessly communicate for up to 10 meters away from the mobile devices the SwageU Bluetooth headphones are tethered to.

    They easily support 2 Bluetooth-compatible smartphones that have been simultaneously connected. The Bluetooth headphones’ overall lightweight body and strong performance capabilities offer strong consumer value.

    SwageU Bluetooth Headphones
5 Review(s)
February 04, 2015
I wanted you to know it is the best on the market for the priceKen Brantley February 04, 2015
My children bought the LG Bluetooth for my birthday. When I got it, I wanted know was it the best on the market for the price. After doing my research, I asked my kids if I could take the refund from the cost of the LG and order the RockitBoost and they said "sure." I took the LG to the store and got a refund.

Then used the funds to order the Rockitboost SwageU online. Now, everyone I met wants one like mine. They want to know where did I purchase it. Because so many people were asking me for the purchase information, I saved it on a screen shot and now I sends it to whoever asked for the information in order to cut down on explaining to everybody. :)

It sound great, stays in my ear, looks good and easy to operate with the easy to locate buttons. And finally, it cost less than the LG...
November 30, 2014
Two thumbs upMaripat Rajan November 30, 2014
I bought these headphones because I switched to the iPhone 6+. The product works fantastic. I use the headphones primarily for phone calls. I can leave my phone in my briefcase and take calls without having to hold my 6+ to my ear. Setup was super easy.

The sound quality is very good. I love the fact that they vibrate when there is an incoming call. Their customer service is exceptional. I had lost one of my earbuds, and they responded very quickly to send out some more at no cost.
July 08, 2014
Lovin' Me some Rokit Boost SwageU!!Linda July 08, 2014
When I first saw these I thought they looked cool and loved them. I liked they were bluetooth and wireless! With that said, I was a little worried when I ordered. You just never know with a headset if you'll be happy. For over 2 years now I've searched for a good headset and none of the ones I've purchased were loud enough or they didn't feel good on my head, or they hurt my ears.

Ordering these was a breeze and I have no complaints about the seller.

I am so so happy I got these. It has been on my head constantly! It fits good, feels good, and sounds great! And, it looks even better up close! I opted for the white one and I'm a very satisfied customer. Very sleek and slick looking! My man tried mine and he ordered the black one for himself.

Very happy girl here! Highly recommend!
July 08, 2014
Perfect for Bluetooth Headphones!!!JV July 08, 2014
These are just as good if not better than the LG's. Very good sound and bass is GREAT!!! I highly recommend!!!
July 06, 2014
Surprisingly good sound and comfortableMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer" July 06, 2014
I received my phones as a review sample. They were sufficiently charged out of the box to test, but I recommend a full charge before using them. I was initially skeptical about these, but quickly came to like them a lot. The only reason why I didn't 'love' them is I have some very expensive in ear monitors and these are not in their league. However, for the price range and for what they do I think that they are five star all the way, and here are my reasons.

First, these will pair and connect as soon as you turn them on and scan for them from your phone or tablet. I love the sliding on/off switch and the fact that individual buttons are provided for each function. I hate it when I am using speakers and phones that combine volume and skip functions into a single button because I invariably wind up skipping a song when I wanted to turn the volume up.

Second, the sound quality is excellent. Not especially loud, mind you, so if you like your music blaring in your ears these phones are not for you. Even when I adjusted the volume on my phone, which automatically lowers it when I plug in phones, these were not particularly loud. However, they reproduce the full sonic spectrum of high, mid and low frequencies with a lot of clarity.

Third, they are comfortable. I am not fond of in-ear phones to begin with, but these are easy to wear for hours. They come with extra tips as well. I especially love the design where the main body sits on your neck while the phones are in-ear tethered by a very light cable. I initially thought the cable would be the wear point, but it's strong.

One thing to note: the cover for the charging port opens on both ends. The top end houses the actual charging port and the bottom portion houses some mystery connector that is not covered in the docs. I am mentioning that because when I first went to charge this unit I saw the strange connector and was baffled until I fully removed the cover.

A few final notes: I am not going to regurgitate the product description on this page, but will verify that you can, in fact, connect two phones to this simultaneously, and the incoming and outgoing calls are clear on both ends based on my very brief tests. To me this is one of the best sets of casual listening phones I have tested, and especially in its price range.