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Swage Sport Workout Bluetooth Headphones

Swage Sport Workout Bluetooth Headphones

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5 Review(s)

- Designed to Stay Put! Sweat-Resistant Bluetooth Headphones: Simply Perfect For Any Kind of Workout!
- Equipped with a Bluetooth V4.0 chipset
- Backed by atpX® support for premium-grade Bluetooth® stereo audio quality
- Sports a flexible and foldable headband design
- Multipoint HFP Connection to 2 Mobile Phones
- Multipoint A2DP Connection for Playing Music
- Weight: 44.3g
- Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty

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  • Run, Sweat, Repeat!

    When you workout you should be worried about losing weight, not your ear buds!

    The Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones are Designed to Stay Put! Working out is certainly demanding of one's time and attention. With the Swage Sport, You do not have to deal with any troublesome wires, worry about dropping your phone, or the earphones falling out of your ears.

    These contemporary Bluetooth headphones are equipped with Bluetooth V4.0 capability, backed by atpX® support for premium-grade Bluetooth® stereo audio quality..

    In other words, the Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for easy, hands-free listening to crystal-clear audio while enhancing any workout regimen.

  • Working out is all about improving So why not improve your Workout Headphones?

    The Sport Headphones comfortably loop around your ears so that they can be used for any workout activity. You can engage in involved physical activity including running, jogging, or doing handstand push-ups, and the headphones will not fall off.

    The Bluetooth headset’s exceptional audio quality is augmented by its strong aesthetic appeal. The solid black or darker, mid-toned red options will meet today’s high standards for mobile devices and how they appear. With the Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones’ fitting-but-comfortable wear-ability, mobile consumers will be impressed by the wireless headphones’ comfort-ability and overall functionality.

    Very Long battery life, requires little time for charging and can be used for hours of listening to your favorite music or making phone calls.

    Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones
5 Review(s)
May 30, 2014
Excellent audio in a set of wireless headphonesJ. Chambers May 30, 2014
The Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones are a very unconventional design, resembling a cross between a headset and a set of earphones. My first concern was how well they would stay in place, but they actually fit much better than I expected, and they seemed to be fairly secure from slipping off.

The headphones paired easily with my Kindle Fire HDX 7" as device "Swage Sport." The audio sounded very good to my ears. I have a few MP3s that I use to evaluate headsets and speakers. The headset passed the test, with excellent sound for songs like Annie Lennox's "Love Song For A Vampire" (listen for the heartbeat in the background) and The Surfaris' "Wipe Out" with drummer Ron Wilson's continuous drum riff. I used two stereo setup MP3s to check the stereo balance and channel separation, and the headphones passed with flying colors.

The controls are on the right earpiece. It takes a little practice to learn to use the controls by feel, but by the end of the playlist I used, I had it down fairly well. A rocker switch on the top of the earpiece controls the volume. On the left and right sides are the controls for next track and back to beginning of the current track. Play/Pause is on the bottom. On the top is a power button/pairing control, which also controls hands-free calling functions.

The Bluetooth connection was stable for line-of-sight distances up to at least 30 feet. Inside the house with a couple of walls between my Kindle Fire and the headphones, I noticed a few dropouts at around 25 feet or so.

The headphone's internal battery can be charged from a USB port or an AC adapter. I used a Kindle AC charger, which worked just fine. The charging port is on the right earpiece and is covered with a silicone flap which appears to be water-resistant. A USB charging cable is included. The user guide does not give the specs on the headphone's battery, but it indicates that a fully charged battery will provide up to ten hours of listening time and over 250 hours of standby time for phone use.

The headphones are very compact and weigh only 1.5 ounces. For carrying in a pocket or purse, they don't take up much more space than earphones, and they're a lot more comfortable than earphones that plug into your ears. After listening to music for an hour or so, I came to like the headphones. With their excellent audio quality, portability, and Bluetooth connection, they're a good choice for anyone looking for a set of wireless headphones.
May 30, 2014
Exceptional Bluetooth Headphones - Highly RecommendedC. Hill "CFH" May 30, 2014
These Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones are by far the best designed lightweight headphones I have used. Here are my observations:

+ Pairing; Bluetooth setup was quick and easy to my iPhone 5
+ Comfort; these fit behind the head and are easy to forget that you have them on
+ Audio; great sound quality
+ Functionality; controls allow for pause/play, forward/backward, answering phone calls, and volume
+ Phone Support; button to answer calls and built-in microphone, which is surprisingly clear
+ Battery Life; very long listening time on a single charge and this charges over a standard micro-USB cable

There is absolutely nothing that I don't like about these excellent headphones!

Highly Recommended!

When I opened up the box with this Swage headset, the first thing I thought was HOW SMALL it is. Well yes it is small, yet it has a BIG and BOLD sound!

What I like about this headphone:

+ Easy to pair on every device I tried.

+ LOUD AND BOLD sound for talking on the phone or listening to music (even for me as I have some hearing loss)! And I tested the sound and there is both great bass and treble, very rich sound! While talking on my phone using this headset, I hear loud and clear and the person I am speaking to hears me well.

+ Comfortable to wear while in my car, walking or at the gym--in fact I like that I can wear this for hours and it is still comfortable.

+ Waterproof/Dustproof - The USB charger port has a cover on it that keeps moisture out and the headset clean.

+ Controls on the headset for: Volume up and down, Next song, Previous song, phone (on/off button), this is also the on/off for the Bluetooth.

+ Plenty loud enough even if you have some hearing loss - I need to have extra loud for phone calls or listening to music as I have hearing loss, this gets plenty loud enough for me - one of my favorite features!

+ Small enough to place in a pocket, small purse or gym bag and go!

Highly recommend this Bluetooth headset.

Swage Sport Bluetooth provided for testing and review purposes. Happy to report that this unit I found to be superb for my listening needs especially like the loudness feature and superb quality of this!
May 30, 2014
Surprisingly light! And fun!BobbieK May 30, 2014
I am not a huge fan of Bluetooth headphones, but these won my attention, and my heart.

Because these are a coil, they are nice and light, and I very much enjoyed wearing them. One of my key complaints about most headphones is that they are uncomfortable. After listening to these for an hour, I was ready for more. Obviously, they won't work for laying down unless you have a really soft pillow to lay on.

They curl up into a nice little roll to fit in my pocket, they charge using a standard micro cord, the sound is clear and the stereo balanced, and best of all, the settings are raised so I can tell what they are and where they are.

If you have ever tried to answer your phone or control your earphones, you know exactly what I mean about that being important!

The up/down sound found on the edge is nice and gives a beep when you go up or down, giving a long beep when you have achieved the maximum.

After testing these on various music types, they are overall sound with good round tones. While the bass is there, You don't get loud drum beats on your rock and roll. It is more subtle. The stereo is balanced, and you can clearly hear the difference when listening.
I love bluetooth headsets, so when I was asked if I would review these, I was happy to do so.
When I opened the box, I was really surprised and thrilled how small this set was. These can easily be put right in your pocket.

But don't let their small size fool you...these have a very strong and bold sound, whether you are listening to music, or just talking on the phone.

BTW, I have been having a lot of trouble finding a bluetooth set (or any set) that would allow me to talk, and hear clearly on my IPhone. I have trouble hearing most voices on headsets, and I am starting to think it is my hearing <sigh>. I am in still in denial, so I just keep trying different headsets. ;-)
Well, guess what...I can hear again!! This set has very good sound clarity, that allows me to actually hear people speaking. Since I am on the phone a lot, this is very important to me. I am very happy with the quality.