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Rokit Boost® SWAGE, Bluetooth Headphones - Built in Microphone

Rokit Boost® SWAGE, Bluetooth Headphones - Built in Microphone

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Warranty: 1 year warranty

HOW TO PAIR YOUR SWAGE: View Instructional Video.

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  • Don’t let cords weigh you down

    Rokit Boost’s Bluetooth headphones are designed to give you the freedom to rock out, without all those messy cords getting in the way. They’re super lightweight and comfortable, so you’ll only know you’re wearing them thanks to the ultra-high-quality tunes playing through your speakers.

    Compact, stylish, and easy to store or transport, these headphones are great for dancing around your home, or for taking the music with you anywhere.

  • Your music, right where you want it

    Guy sitting two tables over chatting on his mobile phone cutting into your study time? Our Rokit Boost headphones double as a noise cancellation device, so you can keep things calm and quiet no matter where you go.

    When you want to turn up the volume, they work with your iPhone, iPad, or any Bluebooth enabled device to stream your favorite music anytime, anywhere, without disturbing others. Just charge them up, and get up to 8 hours of playback time to rock out to your favorite mp3s, or even get the latest sportscast, all while you do other things with full freedom of motion.

    Swage Bluetooth Headphones
  • Swage Bluetooth Headphones

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist

    The best thing about Rokit Boost headphone is that you DON’T have to be a “Rokit” scientist to use them. With an easy to read LED light display to let you see when you’re ready to rock, there is no guesswork involved. Just press the button, wait for the blue light, and you’re ready to go!