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SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones

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SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones

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13 Review(s)

  • The SwageU EVO Bluetooth headphones's ergonomic design provides a comfortable curved fit.

  • The sleek and simplified profile of the EVO Bluetooth Headset makes it easy to take a call or switch between your tunes on the go.

  • Discover a rich listening experience on the SwageU EVO Wireless Headphones with the power of aptX technology.

  • With the SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones connect to two devices simultaneously and switch quickly between your calls and music.

  • 1 Year Warranty - Contact for more warranty information about The SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones.

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  • SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones

    Curved design for comfortable & weightless fit

    With its intuitive and fashionable design, advanced features, convenient inline controls, and long battery life, the SwageU Evo keeps you comfortable and connected wherever your day takes you.

    The SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset's body-contoured, curved design provides a comfortable fit. It's lightweight as well as powerful, with long battery life for long talk and music play times, and provides a natural feel through all-day wear and use.

    Reliable wireless pairing provided by Bluetooth Version 4.0 technology, along with a built-in microphone for easy, hands-free communication. Perfect for safe driving!


    We have upgraded the battery in the SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headset to support a longer music listening and talk time. You can listen to music for up to 12 hours non stop, and up to 15 hours of talk time. Take a Call or Skip around your Favorite Tunes

    The Swage U Evo gives you voice activated hands-free dialing, connection to 2 devices simultaneously, while delivering pristine wireless sound.

    Discover a rich listening experience on the SwageU EVO Wireless Headphones with the power of aptX technology. aptX® delivers pure wireless sound, so you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of Bluetooth® and not compromise on sound quality.

    SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones
  • SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones

    A top-rated audio experience

    With enhanced bass response and features such aptX, you’ll experience full, rich, authentic sound for your music and crystal-clear voice calls.

    Plus, with echo cancellation and noise reduction, whether you’re catching a taxi on a busy avenue, shopping in the mall, or enjoying time watching a movie on your tablet, you can take your calls knowing that the EVO will deliver your voice clearly.!

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13 Review(s)
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July 19, 2015
WOWlambee July 19, 2015
These bluetooth headphones are so comfortable to wear. They are very easy to connect to your bluetooth device as well. The sound and deep bass that comes out is crystal clear. I love the fact that I can workout with these on and not have to worry about them falling off. You almost forget you have them on. They allow you to talk on the phone too and they vibrate when a call comes in. Absolutely recommend these headphones to friends, family and future buyers.
July 19, 2015
Comfortable and sleekShaouni July 19, 2015
These are a great pair of headphones . They're extremely comfortable and lightweight. I actually own another pair of swageU Bluetooth headphones but I like these ones more. They're sleek, skim, and comfortable.

They're quality headphones that I can use around the house or working out. I tend to always have my hands full when im at home. Between having two older toddlers and my newborn having my hand free while on a phone or listening to music. I really love these headphones and how well they work. I haven't heard any static or had problems hearing someone during a call.

When I'm not near my phone and I get a phone call, the headphones vibrate when on my neck and I can answer directly from the headset, adjust volume levels, and end the call without ever touching my phone. If you're looking for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones these are awesome!
July 19, 2015
Great qualityJoe S July 19, 2015
At first I thought it was going to be weird having a device hang around my neck but after about 5 minutes in my run, I never noticed it again. The sound quality is great and it was easy to connect to my iPhone 6. The ear plugs stayed in my ear the entire time too which was a huge plus.
July 19, 2015
The Only Bluetooth Headphones You Needlove2shop July 19, 2015
When the package arrived, it included everything that I needed to get started and the headphones were 100% charged. Connecting to my iPhone was simple and quick too. The headphones are flexible and they are so comfortable on your neck, you will forget that you are wearing them until a call comes in and the vibrations start. I am so glad that I no longer have to walk around with a tiny Bluetooth around my ear irritating me when on calls.

Overall, I am pleased with the quality of these headphones (the sound is great too) and I would recommend them to others. The only thing I think SwageU could improve on is making it so the wires can retract inside of the headphones because I could see them becoming damaged by just being on the outside all of the time.
July 19, 2015
APTX technology makes this headset great.Cable Guy July 19, 2015
I got this product after trying the style that has everything built into the earpieces. This product is much better in that it has aptx technology that eliminates virtually all of the skips I experienced with the other headset.

The other features I liked were that voice commands work great with the Google Now and Google Music.

If I wear them with a polo shirt the unit can not been seen under the collar except for the wires and earplugs when in use. Battery life is great - I have listened for 3 hours with no charge. I have not run them all the way down yet. I recommend them.
July 19, 2015
These are super easy to use and very comfortableAMZJunkie July 19, 2015
These are super easy to use and very comfortable. I love that you can easily pair to two devices at the same time. It has 10 hours of music play, up to 13 hours of talk time, and up to 150 hours of standby time! Amazing.

The sound is crisp and clear and it stays on well even while jogging/running. I was worried that having something around my neck would bother me but it doesn't at all. I can hardly tell it's there!

I love that all the buttons are so easily accessible, everything you need is right on each side of the neck wrap.
July 19, 2015
U-shaped bluetooth heaphones. lightweight and functionalThe Butlers "Pany" July 19, 2015
The SwageU EVO Bluetooth Headphones are a awesome, totally a huge step above the ones I currently use.

The sound quality is crisp and during phone calls I sound like a human not a robot. My biggest concern was would I hear an echo. With these the sound is not delayed I can be hands free, in the car, at home, or my daily walks with my furry baby. The U-Shaped design sit at the base of the neck and the ear buds sit at the tip of the base.

The controls are easy to use and have more options available than your common Bluetooth headphones. They easily pair up to 2 devices. It fast forward, pause, play and volume control.

Overall the lightweight design makes them comfortable and easy to use all day long
July 19, 2015
I am a USPS worker, those are exactly what I neededAbby Johnstone July 19, 2015
Lightweight, can talk on the phone, great sound, long battery life.. Exactly what I needed for my job.
Spectacular set of bluetooth headphones ,this product arrived just as described . This product arrived in a timely manner and was packaged perfectly , it arrived in excellent condition .

This product is SwageU EVO bluetooth headphones which are super comfortable.These bluetooth headphones ergonomic design provides a comfortable curved fit.This bluetooth headset makes it easy to take a call or switch between your tunes on the go.

These are totally awesome , they fit perfectly and are very comfortable .With this long lasting battery power it is amazing , the clarity is beyond amazing .These are great for listening to music or talk on your phone , with all the convenient button options . I have tried these and wow you couldn't ask for better headphones , they beyond compare to any of the higher priced brand name ones on the market .Save yourself some money with these, they are better quality and sound with these .If you are looking for a product like this for yourself or as a gift look no further you have found it .
July 06, 2015
VERY VERY Nice improvement - I owned the SwageUDudley July 06, 2015
I love THEM! Rokit Boost just released them few days ago. The EVO has a curved design, so it sits comfortably around the neck. They finally got rid of the thin wires and replaced them with the flat ones, they don’t tangle and feels more rigid.

Sound seems better, you can now Mute a Call right from the headphones. I didn’t get a chance to test the battery for more than a week, but it seems that it last around 10 hours of music.. Maybe more. Awesome. And for only $60. Good price, good product.
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