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Who Are We?

At Rokit Boost®, we love our electronic devices. However, we were not big fans of the accessories we found. 

So we started to design our own. A Charger Case that was less bulky, Bluetooth Headphones that are lightweight and classy.

A wireless speaker small enough to fit in a pocket, without compromising the Quality.

3 things we believe in at Rokit Boost:

. Great customer service

. Great prices

. Great quality products.

Rokit Boost® is a pioneer and provider of affordable high-end, luxury mobile accessories. The company brings exceptional value to mobile lifestyle consumers by offering accessories that substantially improve the user experiences of existing electronic devices.

Whether engineering iPhone charger cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boost’s team leverages leading-edge technological improvements to enhance the usability of today’s most popular mobile devices. Rokit Boost’s first priority is giving its customers complete satisfaction, with a philosophy of great customer service, great prices, and, above all else, great-quality products.

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